How COVID-19 feature pneumonia could be developed?

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COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus.

According to the experience from the East, some of the COVID-19 patients have running nose as the very early symptom, they had sore throat a few days later, then fever and feeling difficult when breathing.

 How COVID-19 feature pneumonia could be developed?

In this case, Coronavirus firstly develop a running nose, where the discharge from the nose drains backwards to the throat and causing sore throat, usually mild and begin gradually to Pharyngitis. The Coronavirus is then carried by Phlegm, which will thereafter flow downwards the respiration system. When the gas exchange units in the lung become infected, they respond by pouring out inflammatory material into the air sacs that are at the bottom of the lungs. If the air sacs then become inflamed, we end up with COVID-19 feature pneumonia. Our lung will be unable to get enough oxygen to the bloodstream, reducing the body’s ability to take on oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide.

The WHO says the elderly and people with underlying problems like high blood pressure, heart and lung problems or diabetes, are more likely to develop serious illness.

 Tips to avoid COVID-19 feature pneumonia 

There are quite a number of studies, showing how pneumonia should be treated.

However, once we get to the pneumonia stage, according to the experience from the East, it is usually too late.

More effective way to fight against COVID-19 is actually stopping/avoiding sore throat in the early stage, so that no Phlegm is generated, and less COVID-19 is brought down to the lung via trachea.


Tips to avoid/stop sore throat:

  • If you experience frequent sinus infections or have chronic post nasal drip, drainage from your nose or sinuses can cause throat irritation as well. Rinsing the nose with salt water may help decrease this drainage


  • Salt Water Gargle - Salt has been scientifically proven to help draw water out of oral tissues, while creating a salt barrier that locks out water and harmful pathogens from getting back inside. This makes salt water gargles valuable for blocking viruses and bacteria, reducing the chance of infections in the mouth and throat, and relieving inflammation in certain health imbalances.

Suggest Salt water gargling twice a day, should be effective for both relieving infections and preventing throats from getting worse as well. Making a salt water gargle is quite easy. It requires only two ingredients — water and salt — and takes very little time to make and apply. It’s also completely safe for children over 6 years old to use and for those who can gargle easily.

  • Avoiding fried food or any other kinds of food which make your throat felling uncomfortable. Our throat could be one of the keys of saving our life, therefore, please threat them better.


These tips are only for fighting against COVID-19 ourselves; however, we may still be a COVID-19 carrier with mild symptoms. It is still essential to self-isolated, and avoids unnecessary public contacts within this critical period of time. It might be a good time to start replenishing our house or office. Come and look into our store , which has a large selection of high quality electrical products, selling in a low price, may help to fulfill your isolation period.

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