Chipboard Screws - Double countersunk 5.0mm x 50 - Zinc/yellow -waxed (Pack of 200)

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Product Specification:

Chipboard screws / Particleboard screws / Self-tapping screws

Pack of 200pcs

Dimension: 5.0mm x50mm

Screw Head: Pozi head - Double countersunk

Screw Type: Full thread

Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel

Colour: Zinc / Yellow

  • Easy to screw in
  • High tensile strength
  • Avoid cracking and splitting
  • Deep and sharp thread for cutting through wood cleanly
  • Excellent quality and high temperature treatment for resistance to snapping
  • Long service life

Full thread screws are ideal for fastening thin pieces of metal or material to wood. The top material of a full thread screw can’t move along the shank. As a result, it is held in place by the threads.

Galvanized screws is done in order to increase their chemical resistance during and throughout the application. It ensures that they are extremely durable and will last very long once installed.

These screws are ideal for most fixing applications. Their Yellow Zinc finish, Double countersunk design and Pozi head makes them very efficient for varies fixing projects.

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Chipboard Screws - Double countersunk 5.0mm x 50 - Zinc/yellow -waxed (Pack of 200)
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