Age of Civilization Strategy Card Game

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What Is This?

Age of Civilization is a streamlined Euro-style civilization game with unique mechanics for 1-4 players. Instead of playing as only 1 civilization in 3 hours, each player could play as 3 civilizations in 30 minutes!


How to play ?

  • At the beginning of a game, 8 action cards are shuffled to form a time track in random order, then place the permanent action card at the upper left of the time track.
  • In each player turn, the player take actions by assigning worker tokens to the action slots. Only the 3 actions on the permanent action card AND the 3 actions right under the permanent action card are available to choose.
  •  When all players have finished their turn, the current round ends. Move the permanent action card to the right by 1 card slot when a round ends. As a result, 1 action card of the previous round will become unavailable, and 1 new action card will be available for the next round, creating a new era!
  •  Besides taking actions to develop empire, each player could rise civilization card to gain more powerful abilities and reset population(number of workers). Civilization cards you own are stacked to show your current civilization with its main ability, and the legacy ability of your previous civilizations.
  • Rising new civilization is very powerful, but the number of civil. card each player could own is limited to 3. So the timing of "Rise and Fall" is a critical decision to make.
  • • After 6 rounds, whoever has the most points wins!

  • QUICKLY COLLECT RESOURCES, RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES, BUILD WONDERS, AND PREPARE FOR WAR! Age of Civilization is a streamlined pocket card game version of the well-known civilization game for 1-4 players. Unlike other card games each player can play as 3 civilizations in 30 minutes!


  • UNIQUE GAMING MECHANISM ALLOYS FOR AMAZING REPLAYABILITY - The set-up for every game is greatly different, providing a high replay-ability to players. Players will have to analyse the characteristics of every era you are facing and make the best choice for your kingdom development.


  • DEVELOPS YOUR CRITICAL SKILLS - During the game, players will have use the cards to reveal different challenges to overcome. Each kingdom has different strengths and weaknesses and you will need your wit and determination to develop a culture for your people, build your empire and conquer for glory!


  • WHO IS THIS GAME FOR? Age of Civilization is the perfect board game for adults teens and kids who are into turn based strategy games, especially those who want a quick game in 30 minutes or less!


  • TRUSTED BY FANS WORLDWIDE - Over 10,000 backers backed us in Kickstarter. AOC ranks 895 in the Strategy Game Rank and the average rating is 7.3 on Boardgamegeek website.


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Age of Civilization Strategy Card Game
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